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Fleet Programs!

As a business owner, your corporate fleet of vehicles are a vital part of your daily business and are important to your overall success.  Whether it’s sales or service the vehicles you own and control are a reflection on your company.

Most businesses today go to great lengths to insure their vehicles are operating safely and maintained mechanically, but many forget about the outward appearance of the vehicle and the role it plays in the customer’s overall perception of the company, its ownership and employees.

At In & Out Car Washes, we know how important a clean vehicle is to your business so we designed a fleet wash program that is flexible, easy to manage and control while ultimately providing a great wash for your company fleet.

How It Works

Fill out the application and list of vehicles on our web-site.  We will then contact you to discuss the services you would like to include in your program. (a list of services and costs at each location are listed on our web-site).  We will then open an account for your company.

You will then bring each vehicle into the location closest to you and we will assign and install a RFID sticker in each windshield. This RFID sticker will identify each vehicle in your fleet to our computers as a vehicle in your fleet. Your company will then be invoiced at the end of each month for the services your vehicles purchased.

The invoice will include the location, date and time, vehicle identifier, service received, and price for each time one of your vehicles came to wash.

Our fleet program allows you to not only customize a program that fits your company’s need, but also manage and monitor your fleets appearance without the hassle of keeping track of cash receipts, or credit card transactions.  It’s all there on one invoice.

Your fleet account is honored at all three (3) In & Out Car Washlocations.  You can also use it for express detailing servicesat our 7th street location in Joplin.

E-mail us at info@inoutwash.com or call @ 417-863-8924

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